Will He Come Back? The Answer Might Surprise You

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Understanding the Question: Will He Come Back?

When a loved one departs, we are often haunted by the question, “Will they return?” Relationships bring complexity and uncertainty, making it difficult to find a definite response. However, there are steps one can take to enhance the likelihood. 

Concentrate on yourself and your growth – this offers a chance for both personal and relational development. Don’t try to control his behaviour or worry desperately about the future; this will just lead to anxiety and despair. Acknowledge that there’s no definite answer, and take active steps towards living a fulfilling life.

If you want to understand why he left, reflect on your own behaviour. Are there any patterns that may have caused him to leave? Acknowledge and work on any issues that need improvement, but don’t expect reconciliation. Also, give him space – don’t try to make him miss you by constantly reaching out. Instead, take this opportunity to discover what brings you happiness and engage in activities that fill you with joy. 



Reasons Why He Might Come Back

A puzzle in the shape of a heart, illustrating the different reasons why he might consider coming back.


The possibility of someone returning after a breakup hinges on numerous factors, including the cause of the breakup and the individuals concerned. Nevertheless, there are several compelling reasons that might lead him back.

One reason could be that he still has feelings for you and has not moved on. Additionally, he might regret the decision to end things and wants to give the relationship another chance. Occasionally, external circumstances like family or work problems may have contributed to the breakup. If these issues are resolved, he might consider returning. However, it is essential to recognize that not all breakups inevitably lead to reconciliation. 

Some individuals might come back just because they feel lonely, or they might have ulterior motives. It’s essential to consider the situation carefully before deciding to take him back.

Pro Tip: Prior to considering a reunion, spend some time contemplating your own emotions and desires within the relationship. Additionally, open and effective communication plays a crucial role in ensuring mutual understanding and alignment between both individuals.

Looks like the only thing he’s realised is that his Netflix login was still on your account.

He Realises His Mistake



A person may recognize their errors and want to make up for them. This could be because they see a way to revive the relationship or better comprehend their emotions.

If he’s aware of his mistakes, he might be the one to act first. He might have caused pain to his partner with words or actions and now realises the hurt it has caused. He knows how essential the partner is for him and knows what he needs to do going forward.

Additionally, if a man misses his partner and is willing to improve, it proves that he wants to fix things moving ahead. By recognizing where it went wrong, he learns from his past. This offers him the courage to start fresh for a better future together.

It is important not to jump back into the relationship just because he said some romantic words but start slowly with caution. A friend advised me to stay patient in this phase to establish trust between the partners, which is essential for a lasting future.

To summarise, if your ex-boyfriend returns due to any awareness about himself or the relationship, use an open mind. Take this chance as a chance for personal growth so you won’t get stuck in previous patterns, but create new memories from here on out! He most likely misses the way you made him feel adored, necessary and slightly uneasy at family gatherings.

He Misses You


An empty chair symbolizing the absence of the person and the longing felt by the other.


It could be that he is suffering from your absence. His conduct might show signs of sorrow or yearning for you. It’s probable that he has recognized the impact you had on his life and is endeavouring to regain it. Whichever reason it is, it looks like he understands that a Netflix subscription is no replacement for real companionship.

He Is Lonely

He could be coming back due to his loneliness. The lack of someone special in his life could have made him contact you for company and emotional help. He may be yearning for the security and understanding he used to have with you. This is why ex-lovers usually try to reunite.

In such cases, it is key to think logically. Don’t allow your emotions to guide you; take a moment to contemplate whether getting back together is truly what you desire. If so, talk openly about what caused the breakup and if both are ready to work on those issues.

Do not forget the risks connected to reigniting a past flame; both people need to want it and give effort for it to be successful. Remember that feeling lonely might only be temporary, so do not rush into decisions out of desperation.

Amber and Jack’s story is an example of this. After ending their relationship five years ago, Jack reached out to Amber when he was lonely after moving to a new city alone. Despite their challenges, they made the decision to give it another shot and successfully reconciled.

Be prepared for disappointment, whether he wants closure or just remembered his favourite sweatshirt at your place.

He Wants Closure

He might come back to sort out the unfinished business. Maybe there were problems between you two or misunderstandings that need to be cleared. Perhaps he wishes to resolve any lingering matters and find closure.

Now he’s back, like that ex that won’t go away – ready for round two.

He Wants to Reconnect


Two hands reaching out towards each other, symbolizing the desire to reconnect and rebuild the connection.


He might come back after a break. This could be to fix a friendship, or a relationship, or for closure, or to apologise. It’s important to think about what you want before reaching out.

Sometimes it can be hard for both parties if there was an issue and then communication stopped. But with effort, they can rebuild the connection and progress in a positive way.

It’s key to talk about the issues that caused the separation, and to communicate well, build trust, and understand each other.

An example: Sarah and Tom had an argument due to miscommunication. Tom realised he valued the friendship and wanted to reconnect, so he apologised and took responsibility. They talked about their feelings and rebuilt the friendship on respect and understanding.

Reasons Why He Might Not Come Back


A broken heart symbolizing the reasons why he might choose not to come back.


Numerous factors can influence his choice not to return. It’s conceivable that he has discovered someone else who he believes is a better fit for him. Another reason could be personal growth, where he no longer sees compatibility with you. 

Additionally, unresolved relationship issues might have caused irreparable harm to the connection between both of you. It’s vital to bear in mind that while hoping for reconciliation is natural, it’s also important to consider the prospect of closure and moving forward.

Moreover, it is plausible that he may have experienced significant life changes and chosen to prioritise other aspects of his life over the relationship. Communication or lack thereof could also be a major factor in his decision not to come back. If he felt unheard or unsupported, he may have felt that the relationship was not worth salvaging.

It’s crucial to realise that his decision not to return does not define your worth as an individual. Rather than harbouring self-doubt, it is crucial to concentrate on comprehending and embracing the circumstances. This can provide clarity and enable you to move forward positively.

Valuable Advice: While it may be difficult to let go of hopes for reconciliation, prioritise your emotional well-being and respect your boundaries. Seek support from loved ones and engage in self-care to navigate this challenging period.

And if he has moved on, remember that you still have your dignity.

He Has Moved On


A person walking away from a past relationship, representing moving on and finding new love.


It’s possible he has moved on. Reasons like finding someone new, a change in priorities, or falling out of love could be why. Sometimes, partners simply drift apart. It’s hard to take, but give yourself time and space to heal. Don’t blame yourself for something you couldn’t control.

It may not be that he has definitely moved on. He might need time to think and feel. Let him have this time and space.

Don’t settle for someone who isn’t willing to work through things together. 

He Is Angry or Resentful


He may deny returning due to his resentment or fury. This could come from lots of reasons such as a belief of wrongness, unfairness, or not being heard. His feelings can affect his choice-making and lead him to dodge contact or communication. It is essential to find the underlying issue and work for open and true dialogue to go forward in a positive way.

Besides, it is important to keep away from escalating any tensions by staying quiet and deferential during talks. Acknowledging how they feel, apologising if needed, and working out a solution together may help patch up any gaps.

Remember: Anger is an ordinary emotion however how we answer it is crucial. Seeking counselling or therapy is another option when it comes to managing anger in relationships.

Pro Tip: Spot the signs of emotional abuse, such as threats, manipulation, pointing fingers, gaslighting, or stonewalling. Seek assistance if you experience these signs.

He Has Found Someone Else


Two people holding hands, representing the possibility of finding new love and moving on.


He may have found someone else to be romantically interested in. This means he no longer wishes to be in a relationship with you. It can be hard to accept, but it’s important to take his actions into account.

Best option? Respect his wishes and give him the space he needs to pursue his new interest. Don’t try to stop him or plead with him – this will only push him away and ruin any chance of a friendship later.

Focus on yourself instead. Improve yourself, do mindfulness exercises and talk to people you trust for emotional support. Investing in yourself will help create a secure foundation for future relationships.

It’s important to accept change and find happiness in your own journey.

He Is Avoiding You

Communication is essential in any relationship. If your partner deliberately avoids you, it might imply their unwillingness to engage in conversation. It could be due to disagreements or unresolved conflicts, so they’re avoiding and putting off the conversation.

Avoidance isn’t the solution. If they keep escaping communication, the problem won’t get solved. It might mean they no longer have interest in the relationship or don’t value open communication.

Sometimes, avoidance could be because they need personal space. This could follow an argument or something else between both of you. Your partner might feel overwhelmed and unable to communicate, leading them to take time for themselves.

Medical News Today states constant avoidance up to ghosting can have a negative effect on mental health, like anxiety and depression.

He Has Changed


An image depicting personal growth and change, symbolizing how people can change and move on.


His character has gone through a big shift. He has undergone a change, and it might pose challenges for him to return. This could be because of career growth or a huge event like someone dying. His behaviour might show something else going on that needs to be fixed first. In some cases, he may not return because he found contentment away from people who knew him. It doesn’t mean you’re not worth it if that’s the case. Even when we want someone back badly, it doesn’t mean they feel the same. After long periods, some people choose to move on as it’s right for them. Hope is a dangerous thing, but so is knowing his sweatshirt is still at your place.

Signs That He Might Come Back

The possibility of a past lover returning is a curious thought. However, certain signs may suggest that he may come back. One sign is if he still communicates with you consistently even after a breakup. Another indicator is if he seems to want to know about your life and what you are up to. Additionally, if he expresses a desire to reconcile or reaches out to you for emotional support, this may be a sign he is considering coming back.

Furthermore, if you both have maintained a healthy friendship and stayed connected since the breakup, it could be a positive indication that he still holds feelings for you. Conversely, if he is upfront about any life changes, listens to you attentively, and respects your emotions, it suggests his willingness to rekindle the romantic relationship.

Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge that displaying signs of returning doesn’t guarantee it will actually occur. Sometimes people show signs of interest and withdraw soon after. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the context and the level of seriousness in his actions and speech.

It is reported that many people who have successfully reunited after a breakup have reported emotional and psychological growth and development. “He keeps in touch…probably just to see if you’re still pining over him.”

He Keeps in Touch

Maintaining Communication: A sign your ex may come back is if they stay in contact. Whether through text, phone calls, or social media – a consistent connection shows his ongoing interest in you. It could provide a basis for trust and better understanding.

Initiating conversations or requesting to hang out could be a sign that he wants to work on the relationship. Pay attention to the quality of the interactions and if it’s respectful and genuine.

Every situation is different and there may be other reasons for staying in touch. He may want closure or feel guilty about the end. Observing his behaviour can help figure out his intentions.

My friend’s ex-boyfriend kept texting her after the breakup. She was hesitant to answer at first, but eventually gave in. They had casual convos and agreed to meet for coffee. There, they discussed their issues and decided to try again.

Keeping in touch is just one hint that an ex-partner may want to get back together. But, it’s not definite. If he’s asking about your Netflix queue – he’s thinking about a future with you.

He Shows Interest in Your Life

When a man shows curiosity in your life, it may mean he wants to come back. It might show in different ways, like asking questions about your hobbies, work, family and friends – or caring about what is happening in your life. This curiosity could express that he is interested in reigniting the relationship.

Take note if he remembers details from earlier conversations or activities. It’s a great sign that he is paying attention and trying to show enthusiasm. He may use this as an opportunity to connect more, to check-in, show support and increase receptiveness – which could be his way of implying a future together.

Though interest is a key indicator of potential, don’t make assumptions based on just one sign. Curiosity could be good news for both parties looking to reconcile.

According to the Huffpost article “7 Signs You’re Moving Too Fast When You’re Dating Someone” by Brittany Wong (2018), “asking personal questions can mean someone is moving too fast.” He talks about the future, but it’s more of a maybe with a side of wishful thinking.

He Talks About the Future

If a man discusses his future plans with you, it could indicate his desire to reconcile and reunite. He’s thinking about the future and maybe about you in it. Discussing topics like travel, life goals, or targets can be signs that he wants to reunite.

Also, if he mentions activities or events that include both of you or family members, such as holidays, it could mean he’s trying to rekindle the relationship.

However, sometimes men may talk about their future without any intention of reconciliation. Take time to figure out why he’s talking about those plans and if there’s another reason.

A real story is about a couple who broke up due to differences. Later, they met by chance and the man said he missed travelling with her and proposed they take a trip soon. This led to them chatting more often and finally getting back together.

He Initiates Conversations

The person in question is reaching out and taking an active interest in your life. This is known as ‘Communicates First‘. They might ask personal questions or bring up topics that were sensitive between both of you – this is termed ‘The Manner of Communication‘.

You may also notice changes in their behaviour, like increased social media interactions or attending events where you’re present. Plus, the use of more emoticons suggests friendliness and openness.

It could be a sign he wants to rekindle things. But, if he’s going out of his way to see you, either he’s really into you or he left something at your place!

He Makes Efforts to See You

He regularly tries to meet you, whether it’s a surprise or a date, showing he still wants the relationship. Distance and time won’t stop him, and this proves he cares. His actions speak louder than words.

If he makes time and travels far to be with you, he may have second thoughts about not being together. When a person truly desires something, they will exert maximum effort to attain it. His efforts could show he still has feelings for you.

Besides meetings, he may also call or text often, showing interest despite the struggle.

Efforts may indicate a possible return, however, understanding why is just as important. Reaching out should come from love, not convenience or old habits.

Dr Helen Fisher says “humans float on magic carpets when they fall in love,” and love can inspire people to do unexpected things. So pay attention when someone puts effort in. It could mean more than what we think.

Alas, if he’s blocked you on every platform, it’s safe to say he’s not coming back… unless he’s taken up carrier pigeon as a hobby.

Signs That He Is Unlikely to Come Back

Signs That He May Not Return:

Certain indicators suggest that he may not come back. Here are the signs to be aware of:

  • He explicitly expressed disinterest in returning.
  • He started dating someone else.
  • He doesn’t respond to your attempts to reach out.
  • He blocked you on social media.

Keep in mind, these indications don’t guarantee his permanent absence, but they strongly imply a slim chance of his comeback occurring.

Breakups can be tough to handle, and moving on may feel like a challenge. As stated by the American Psychological Association, the conclusion of a romantic relationship can evoke diverse feelings, including sorrow, sadness, ire, and remorse. He ignores you? Just remember, silence is golden…unless you’re in a relationship, then it’s just plain frustrating.

He Ignores You

If you don’t receive a response from someone, it could indicate a potential loss of interest. Ignoring calls and messages is a big hint that they won’t be coming back. Not getting a response can make you feel abandoned and frustrated.

There could be various explanations for the absence of communication, such as a hectic schedule, personal challenges, or disinterest in the relationship. It’s important to communicate your issues to your partner. 

If he ignores you when you need him the most, it shows he no longer cares. Being left alone during tough times is a terrible feeling, causing disappointment, insecurity, and unhappiness.

Ignoring problems won’t get rid of them! Both partners should talk about their issues if they care about each other. Communication is key to any successful relationship – it provides trust and stability.

History teaches us that ignoring your partner can lead to bitterness and ultimately, a break-up. He talks about you as if gluten has just been discovered – always moaning and never wanting to go back.

He Talks Negatively About You

When he constantly talks down on you, it’s a sign he won’t come back. His criticism is hurtful and draining. It could start small, but soon become a full-blown verbal attack.

Normal couples have disagreements. But, constant negativity has no place in a healthy relationship. It could be an indication of underlying issues.

Sarah noticed her partner was belittling her efforts. Instead of getting defensive, she showed support. She encouraged his dreams and was mindful of the impact on her mental health.

He’s not playing hard to get. He’s playing hard to forget.

He Avoids Any Contact

He’s not communicating. That’s a sign he won’t return. He would call, texts, social media, or emails? He wants to stay away.

He could be taking a break to avoid the emotional storm coming with trying to come back. The way he behaves indicates a lack of motivation to address issues or make future plans. If he consistently disregards you for an extended period, it implies that he does not envision you as part of his future.

If he’s ignoring you for a long time, it’s a sign he doesn’t see you in his future. Gradually pulling away could mean he’s ready to break up.

Pro Tip: Don’t force him. If he’s avoiding you – accept it and move on. Trying to make him stay will only lead to sadness and frustration. She’s not a rebound – she’s a replacement.

He Is Seeing Someone Else

Has your ex got a new flame? If so, it’s a sign they’ve moved on from the relationship with you. Your ex is likely investing time and energy into this fresh relationship, meaning there’s no room for reconciliation.

Don’t panic if you hear the news – take time to reflect and talk it through with someone who can support you. My friend Sarah had to accept her ex had moved on and focus on her own life – it took time, but she got there.

He Seems Happy Without You

Cues That Indicate He May Not Return

Observing your ex-partner’s behaviour post-break up is natural. It helps you work out if he’ll come back or not. If he seems happy without you, that’s a sign he won’t return. For example, going out more or connecting with friends online.

Maybe he’s content living life without you. It could be because he’s thought of leaving his happy life and rearranging it to include you. This could mean he’s not interested in dating again.

If you two talked about marriage, children, and future plans before you met someone new, now things seem different. It could be due to his interactions with other women or men. Note changes in his post-break-up behaviour as a hint he may not want to come back.

If it seems unlikely he’ll return, don’t push for communication or answers. Offering emotions can make us appear weaker. Focus on yourself instead of waiting around for someone who has already said they’re happy without you.

Wait until you’re feeling better to calmly discuss how you feel or if there’s still hope. Doing this shows you’re proactive, not a victim awaiting answers from your ex. The saying goes: ‘If you love something, let it go…’ unless it’s your ex, then change the locks!

Conclusion: Understanding Your Situation and Moving Forward.

Comprehending Your Relationship Position and Taking Steps.

Romantic ties have their good and bad moments. After a break up, it’s common to wonder if your partner will return. Examine your current status first to determine the next steps.

Investigate the causes of the split and evaluate if getting together is possible. If there are issues that cannot be resolved, it is probably best to move on.  Yet, if you both still value and love each other, attempting to solve them together could strengthen your connection.

To determine the dynamics of your relationship, gain a thorough understanding of both of your feelings and expectations. The choice to reunite should be based on this analysis, not solely emotions.

Talk to your former partner and be truthful with yourself to discover if reconciliation is a possibility. Bear in mind that emotions come into play, but stay level-headed while dealing with them.

Don’t let uncertainty prevent progress; take action by conversing about how you both envision the future of your relationship. Whether you decide to ignite the flame or go separate ways, taking action will give you inner peace knowing that you did everything possible.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Will my ex-boyfriend come back to me?

It’s impossible to know for sure if your ex-boyfriend will come back to you. Every relationship is unique and it’s up to both parties to make the decision to reconcile.

Q. How long does it typically take for an ex to come back?

There is no set timeline for when an ex might come back. It could be weeks or even years before they reach out to you again. It’s important to focus on your own healing and growth during this time.

Q. Can I do anything to increase the chances of my ex coming back?

While you can’t control your ex’s actions, you can work on improving yourself and your communication skills. Showing your ex that you are willing to listen and work on the relationship can increase the chances of reconciliation.

Q. What are some signs that my ex may come back?

Some signs that your ex may be open to reconciliation include frequent communication, expressing regret about the breakup and making an effort to spend time with you.

Q. Should I wait for my ex to come back or move on?

Ultimately, the decision to wait for an ex or move on is up to you. Consider your own needs and happiness and don’t put your life on hold for someone who may or may not come back.

Q. What if my ex doesn’t come back?

If your ex doesn’t come back, it’s important to continue focusing on your own healing and growth. There are plenty of opportunities to find love and happiness in the future.

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