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7 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend – To Know Him Better

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Best questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him better

“A prudent question is one-half of wisdom”

Francis Bacon

Hey, ladies, this one’s for you. Have you ever thought of asking your boyfriend random questions to get to know him better? Whatever the reason for asking the questions you ask, you should ensure that they are relevant.

If you’re asking your boyfriend questions for the purpose of knowing more about him, we suggest phrasing the questions in a way that would ensure you get as much information as possible.

With that being said, we did some research about some essential questions you should ask your boyfriend. We share a few of them with you below:

1. Have You Ever Gotten Anyone Pregnant?

To be honest, this is one of the most vital questions any girl should ask if they’re looking at the possibility of a future with their boyfriend. While this question may seem a little bit random, it isn’t. It’s always best to learn as much as you can about a potential partner before you commit to a long-term relationship.

If you’re hoping to get married to your boyfriend in the future, asking him whether he has sown any wild oats ensures you don’t fall victim to any surprises. If he’s gotten someone pregnant in the past, ask him if he supports his love child in any way. Does he visit the child? Do they have a relationship?

Such questions will help you find out whether the guy you’re hoping to have a child with is responsible. Also, if there’s a child involved, you’ll want to learn how to deal with the situation early. 

2. Do You Ever Want To Get Married?

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There’s no need for beating around the bush with this one. Even though getting to know your new partner doesn’t have to seem like a job interview, it’s vital to be on the same track. After all, people get into relationships for different reasons.

While some of us just want someone to have fun with and keep us company, there are those that are dating for the sole purpose of getting a life partner. If you’re the latter, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to waste any time with someone who isn’t on the same page as you are. Asking your boyfriend if they want to get married in the future will give you an idea of whether or not they’re serious about the relationship.

If their answer isn’t affirmative and you’re sure that you want something long-term, then maybe you should consider taking leave of the relationship altogether to avoid heartbreaks and disappointments in the future.  

3. What Do You Think Is The Most Vital Part Of Maintaining A Relationship?

No one gets into a relationship with the intent to end it. It is, therefore, vital that you know your partner’s values from the beginning. What do they think each partners’ contribution is to maintain a relationship?

Asking your boyfriend this question shows them that you care about maintaining a healthy relationship with them. In addition, it gives you some foresight about what your partner values in a relationship. Not only this but asking what they find important in maintaining a relationship opens up new channels of communication.

When you ask this question, you can follow it up with “what would be a deal-breaker for you”. This way, you can really get into the mind of your partner and figure out what makes them tick when it comes to building a relationship. Remember, when asking your partner these questions, you should avoid asking ‘bad’ questions. These are the ones that’ll only get you a ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘maybe’.

While these answers seem pretty straightforward, you want to ask more open-ended questions to get as much information as you can from your boyfriend. Make sure you ask him questions that will get him thinking and communicating with you even more.

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4. Detailed Questions About The Past

Look, before you plan for the future with your boyfriend, it’s important to learn about their past. We’ve already mentioned the question about whether he’s gotten anyone pregnant before. However, there’s more to the past than this one question.

Whether you’re planning a future together or planning to be intimate with your boyfriend (or get married), you should feel comfortable asking questions that you may be curious about or that you feel you should know. Remember, asking these questions are not only a throwback to your boyfriends past but yours as well so be ready to return the favour if he asks you the same questions.

What you ask about the past could reveal a lot about your boyfriend, his values, or his feelings for you. Some of the questions about the past you should ask include:

  • Have you cheated on a partner before? If you haven’t, has it ever popped up in your mind and how did you deal with it?
  • What were you looking for before we started dating? Did it happen perchance or were you hell-bent on finding love?
  • When did you realize you were in love with me?
  • Have you ever been involved in any illegal activity? Did it lead to an arrest?
  • Before me, how many partners have you had?
  • What was your first thought about me on our first date?

To be honest, these questions can open up a real can of worms. However, you should be willing to listen to your partner and deal maturely with the feelings these questions bring up. Some answers might hurt you, others will shock you, but you must be willing to deal with the results maturely and respectfully.

Remember, your partner is human too so if he seems to have made his fair share of mistakes, he might be willing to deal with them and start on a clean slate.

5. Ask Him Essential Questions About Intimacy

One of the most significant elements of any serious relationship is intimacy. And intimacy isn’t all about being physical with each other in the bedroom. According to healthline.com, there are different categories of intimacy. 

There are other activities based on your partner’s fantasies that don’t have to occur in the bedroom. If you’d like to build and improve on intimacy with your partner, all you’ve got to do is ask the relevant questions. Here are some essential questions you can ask your partner about intimacy:

  • Is what we have physically enough? What do you think we’re missing that could make it better?
  • Could you show me where you prefer to be touched?
  • Are there any fantasies you’d like to fulfil?
  • How often (realistically), would you prefer for us to be intimate?
  • What makes your mind tick?
  • Are there things we could do outside of physical intimacy to keep the fire of intimacy lit all day?
  • Would you be willing to try toys? Why or why not?
  • What activities could we do together?
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6. Ask General Questions

As we mentioned before, the questions you ask your boyfriend don’t have to be boring and specific to a particular topic. Sometimes, you get to learn more about the man you’re dating by asking him fun, simple questions.

Some of the general questions you could ask him include what kind of scent he likes on a woman, whether he has a ‘type’ and whether you’re a match for what he’s looking for. You could also ask about the first thing he noticed about you or ask him to describe you.

Such simple questions are a fun way of getting to know each other as your boyfriend is bound to ask you the same questions too. One of the questions people never ask is about appearance. If you’re on a weight loss/gain journey, ask your boyfriend what his response would be like if you drastically changed.

If you love changing your hair, ask him if this could be an issue for him. While at it, remember to ask if birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions are a big deal for him.

7. Where Do You See Our Relationship In The Future?

This is one of the most important questions you will ask about your relationship. If you want to know whether you and your partner are compatible for a long-term relationship, ask him about the goals he has for your relationship. Keep in mind that the length of your relationship will determine the kind of questions you ask.

If you’ve only been dating exclusively a few weeks, you might want to hold your horses and see how the relationship goes before you make plans for the future. If you and your boyfriend have discussed future plans before, then you might want to consider what you want to talk about first.


Asking your boyfriend questions is a great way of building intimacy in your relationship, getting to know each other, and finding out what the future holds for your relationship.

Some of the questions we think you should definitely ask your boyfriend include:

  • Whether he’s gotten someone pregnant
  • His plans for marriage (if any)
  • What he thinks is important in maintaining a relationship
  • Questions about intimacy
  • Questions about his past
  • General questions
  • Questions about the future

In your opinion, what questions do you think anyone should ask their boyfriend? Do you think asking questions can help you have a successful relationship?

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