Love Messages for Him From the Heart: The Ultimate Guide

Love Messages for Him

One of the most romantic things you can do for your boyfriend is writing some Love Messages for him. However, for most of us, putting words and emotions into writing is not easy. So, how can you go about this?

Trusty relations blog focuses on helping people in relationships learn how they can assure their partners’ love. In this blog, you will learn how to write the best Love Messages for Him from the Heart. Read along!

When you look at him, you can’t help but fall in love with him. He’s so muscular from weight training. He works hard, has tremendous confidence and during challenging times still manages to maintain his cool, never showing weakness or too much emotion. He’s the perfect man.

In almost every part of the world, people consider men to be the least verbal and emotional. But don’t let this global stereotype fool you. Deep down, men have emotions. Audrey Nelson, a PhD holder, says, “… men do get emotional, they just don’t show it.”

And as emotional beings, men need to feel cared for and appreciated. Your boyfriend, or husband, needs to know that he means the world to you. He needs to hear it and to see it demonstrated within your relationship.

In The Relationship Guy, Gideon Hanekom quotes:

“Ultimately, a man who respects himself and believes that he ‘deserves’ appreciation and respect for either his efforts or contributions (inside and out of the relationship context), will expect appreciation and respect.“

And when it lacks, you will find that his interest, attraction, and input fades over time.

In the context of an established relationship, this essentially means that you must be kind and considerate to your partner and show him authentic and transparent appreciation and respect.

Even when you think of your man as a strong bloke who doesn’t really care about feelings or how you treat him:

Trust me, he cares.”

Strong words and very true!

So when appreciation and respect are the things that keep a man’s heart close to you and keeps him interested in you, how are the best ways to demonstrate these vital qualities on a daily basis to him? Below we have a few essential pointers on how to write a message from your heart.

The Trusty relationships blog focuses on helping people in relationships learn how they can cement their partners’ love. In this blog, you will learn how to write the best Love Messages for Him from the Heart. Read along!

Why write love messages for him

Why Write Love Messages for Him from the Heart

Some years back, Love Letters were common: Soldiers would frequently write to their wives at home.

However, because of technology, Love Letters are now losing their popularity. Smartphones and text messages have replaced Love Letters. But this doesn’t mean that the value of the written word has become outdated, we’ve just become conveniently lazy.

So, why should you write a Love Message for Him from the Heart? A Love Letter is a testimony of love to your partner.

In Psychology Today, Anita Chlipala, a family therapist and author, comments that “The downfall of texting is that it can create anxiety and conflict in relationships.” On the contrary, Love Messages promote stronger love and healthier relationships.

Also, written Love Messages are more believable proof of your love. Unlike spoken words, written Love Messages cannot be forgotten or distorted. They retain their value over time, which gives them an added advantage over spoken words.

How to Write Love Messages to Him from your Heart

Love Messages

Love Messages are different from regular text messages. Love Letters are usually more detailed and focus on the positive aspects of your partner. The following are four tips that can help you write a catchy Love Message to him.

Table of Contents

  1. State the Main Reason for Your Love Message
  2. Recall Your Romantic Moments
  3. Talk About How He Has Changed Your Life for the Better
  4. Assure Him of Your Love

1. State the Main Reason for Your Love Message

At the very beginning of your Love Message, state your main reason for writing. Write a few short sentences explaining why you are writing the Love Message.

Why is stating the main reason for your Love Message crucial? First, this introductory part prepares your partner psychologically before they read the message. In other words, it opens his heart and mind to your innermost feelings and emotions.

So, start your Love Message with a short introduction.

There are different ways to do this. Here are two samples.

  • “Today, I woke up thinking about you. I love you very much, but I realized that I don’t say that enough. Therefore, I have decided to sit down and tell you in detail how much I love you and what you mean to me.”
  • “Dear love of my life, since the first time we met, I knew that you and I are destined to be together. My life has been much easier since you became part of me. I love you to the moon and back, and I am now putting my feelings down in writing to show how much I cherish you.

2. Recall Your Romantic Moments

Have remembered a particular moment when you laughed uncontrollably with someone? Remembering such times is good for a relationship; it creates feel-good hormones and positivity and ultimately intimacy.

One research study conducted and published in ‘Motivation and Emotion’ ( showed that marriage partners who regularly remember their ‘laughter reminiscence’ have higher chances of having a lasting and happy marriage.

Therefore, make it a habit to recall and relive fun times with your boyfriend or husband and compliment them on their humour (this demonstrates that you appreciate their sense of fun) Also, think about your best romantic moments together and write them down in your Love Message.

Your positive memories are like a shared history between you both. Such shared records are what makes your relationship unique and fun. So, make sure you recall these romantic moments in your Love Letter.

The following is an example of how you can recall your romantic moments with your partner in a Love Message. You can begin by saying:

  • I vividly remember the first time you invited me to watch the movies with you. You came to pick me up at my house. You knocked at my door, and when I opened it, there you were standing in blue khaki trousers and a white shirt. I’m not sure you noticed, but for a moment, I couldn’t even speak. That outfit is still one of the best combinations I love most.

This of course is just a guideline. What’s essential is that you make your letter entirely personal to him. Write as though you are speaking to him directly.

3. Talk About How He Has Changed Your Life for the Better

Your life is not since you met. You have changed, positively and negatively. However, in a Love Letter, you need to focus only on the positive changes only.

Think about how your life has changed for the better together. Has been together made you a more loving person? Has spending time with him made you realize the value of hard work or empathy?

Those are just but a few things that you can consider. Don’t just focus on the material benefits that you have gained in your relationship. Instead, focus on the emotions and his compliment him and how he has added so much value to your life in every way. Tell him that you are so grateful for his strength, consistency, and tremendous support. That you can’t imagine what your life would be like without him. Don’t hold back!

Write down the details, for example:

  • “My love, no one completes me better than you. Since I met you, you have made me a better and happier person. You taught me how to have a positive outlook on life. I feel like the luckiest woman to always have you by my side.”

Assure Him Of Your Love

4. Assure Him of Your Love

Reassuring your partner of your love for him is the essence of a Love Letter. Therefore, use the convincing power of words and your heart to say just that.

Usually, it is the women who have a more profound desire for love, but men love it when their wives or girlfriends appreciate them and show them that they care.

Therefore, make it a habit to tell your mate how much you love him. Write down your deepest emotions and feelings in the Love Letter. Pay attention to details!

For example, be very specific. Start with his physique. Is it his eyes that intrigue you? Is it how he walks confidently or dresses with style? Then describe his qualities and what aspects you love most about him.


  • “Darling, I love you very much. I loved you before. I love you now and will love to eternity. My love for you is unfailing, and I will always be with you come what may. You can trust that I will remain faithful to you through the good times and the bad times. I love you.”

However small they are, point out his qualities, magnify them and clearly name them and why they mean so much to you. This will boost his confidence and make him feel valued and secure and who doesn’t love a secure and confident man?

Recall Your Romantic Moments


Have you just entered a new relationship? Or have you settled into your marriage? Well, it’s never too late to write a Love Letter.

You should never take Love Messages for granted. These written expressions of love are much more powerful than spoken words. So, take your time; think about how you truly feel about your partner, and let him know through the written word. The greatest Love Letters have lasted centuries and been published!

In your message, remember to start by stating your main reason for writing. Try to make this introduction as brief as possible, but also clear and straight to the point. Also, recall the romantic moments that both of you share and write these down.

In your Love Letter, talk about how being with your partner has changed your life for the better. Then, don’t forget to include the prime purpose of your Love Message: assuring him how much you love him.

When you follow those four tips on how to write a Love Letter, you will no doubt deepen your partner’s love and affection for you and strengthen your relationship.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a pen and start writing your Love Letter now and don’t rush it, make a few drafts first and when you feel you have said everything that you need to, deliver it with a small and thoughtful gift.

Are there any other suggestions you have found helpful when writing Love Messages to your spouse? Please let me know in your comments.

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