11 Simple Tips How To Fall In Love Again

11 Tips To Help You Fall Back In Love With Your Partner

How to fall in love again?

Romantic relationships are exciting at the start but somehow lose their demeanour after some years. Busy work schedules, kids, responsibilities, and life’s monotony make you forget the old school love you hold for your partner. Life’s realities and responsibilities make you forget yourself. Ever felt anxious about your partner losing interest in you?

Have you lost the true connection with your partner?

Have they stopped taking an interest in you?

 Has your relationship lost meaning?

Are you trying hard to maintain a work-life balance but are unable to fix your demolishing relationship?

Worried about establishing ties with your partner again?

If questions like these often pop up in your mind, then you are at the right place. We have carefully crafted 11 useful tips that will teach you how to fall in love again with your partner. Read on

Table of Content

  1. Pay attention to yourself
  2. Be all ears in his presence
  3. Lend some time to solitude
  4. Go on a vacation together
  5. Communicate
  6. Try to recall what made you fall in love with your accomplice
  7. Be appreciative
  8. Get intimate
  9. Sharing is caring
  10. Make them feel valued
  11. Do the little things that make them happy
Pay Attention

1. Pay attention to yourself

After years of living in an intimate relationship, women often think that they do not need to groom themselves and stop paying attention to their falling aura. All the beauty, elegance, and grace are lost after a few years of marriage.

People generally hold the perception that once they have finally achieved the love of their life, they do not need to be bothered about their looks anymore as they have finally gained the person they were crazy about. Due to this reason, they stop paying attention to themselves.

Your partner, no matter how lovable, would love to see you all dolled up for him. The same is the case with women. They, too, would love to see a handsome partner, not a clumsy, snoring, lazy partner. Human beings seek beauty in their lives.

If you want to win him over, then you certainly need to focus on your looks and grooming. Re-groom yourself and rediscover the diminishing love between you and your better half.

2. Be all ears in his presence

Human beings always want to be seen, heard, and supported. Giving your time and attention to someone is the most precious thing in the world.  Giving your attention and time to someone will help you heal the broken ties of your falling relationship.

When your partner is around, try to make him the centre of your attention. Do not get lost in a mobile phone or any other gadget when he needs you. Moreover, start changing your habits for the larger good of your relationship.

Devote your time and attention to him. When he finds that you are lending him attention out of your busy work schedule, he will definitely feel loved. Listen to his tantrums, attend to his needs, and make him feel as if he is the only important thing in your busy world.

The feeling of being heard creates feelings of love and strengthens your mutual bond. If you want to win him over once again, then try being all ears when he is around.

3. Lend some time to solitude

If you find that you are being taken for granted, then the best way to win him over is to set him free for some time. After spending some time in solitude, he will get to know your importance. He will miss your presence. Your absence will make him yearn for you. He will obviously go nuts in your absence.

If someone is unable to see your worth, try zoning out for some time to create a sense of emptiness in them.

Leave them alone for a few days and let your absence bring the best out in your partner. Being always around a person will make him consider you a part of his routine, and therefore he will take you for granted. If you want them to be head over heels in love with you again, teach them a lesson by letting them live on their own for a couple of days.

Go On A Vacation

4. Go on a vacation together

Life’s hustle often makes your relationship boring. A monotonous work routine often makes you forget your love affair. Take a vacation out to retune the falling symphony of love for your partner. Busy work schedules often make you oblivious of your responsibilities towards your partner.

Rediscover one another by going on a vacation together. Spending some time away from home and responsibilities will lend you some time to help the two of you rediscover your long lost love. Go on a vacation and rediscover your feelings for one another. Keep your relationship alive by spending some quality time together.

As the saying goes:
“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.”

5. Communicate

Communication plays an important role in clearing any sort of misconception and grudges. Share your feelings and emotions with your accomplice and tell them why you have reacted in a particular way. Effectively communicate your point of view. Clearly ask them if something is bothering them, you need to clear out every misunderstanding. Express what you feel about them. Let them see your vulnerable side as well.

You cannot erase true love that is deeply rooted in one’s kingdom of the heart. Even if the harsh realities of life have dimmed its light, it still gives sparks to show its presence.

Reinvent your love life and fall in love with your accomplice again. Every conflict can be resolved through effective communication. Discuss everything that is bothersome with your partner. Open up and share everything about your life. Discuss what you expect from them.

Recall What Made You Fall In Love

6. Try to recall what made you fall in love with your accomplice

Let him know that you feel secure with them. If you have lost interest in your partner or if you have forgotten the meaningful connection between you and your partner, you need to think about why did you fall for them in the first place. Try to rethink the positive personality traits your partner holds to re-evaluate the true feelings you hold for them.

Remembering your partner’s long-forgotten lovable traits will definitely help you out in re-establishing the deep-rooted long-lost relationship between you two. Decode the encrypted file of your falling relationship by remembering the things which made them stand out of the crowd for you in the first place.

7. Be appreciative

If you find it difficult to re-connect with your partner again, try to impress them by valuing them. Value their presence, time, attention, and support. Let them know that you admire the changes they have made in their personality to rekindle the long-lost loveable relationship between you. Moreover, complement each other so as to feel appreciated.

Whether they are bringing a cooked meal to the table or are helping you clean out the home or helping you in doing the dishes, let them know that you value the effort they are putting into keeping the bond alive. As Kristian Strang says, unconditional love and support is the best thing which you can do for your partner.

“Little deeds of kindness
Little words of love
Make this earth an Eden
Like the heaven above.”
(Julia A. Carney)

get intimate

8. Get intimate

Intimacy is not about re-establishing physical ties with your partner. It is about rediscovering the long-lost connection that you two hold. Let your partner feel comfortable in handing over their conscious human selves to you.

Emotional intelligence can be one of the ways for a lifetime intimate relationship, according to Dr Ceruto as it makes one aware of all kinds of changes in ourselves and in our partners. Get involved with your partner and preserve your mutual connection by sharing your souls with each other. Make your partner fall in love with you by handing over your soul.

9. Sharing is caring

Spend some time together and share your secrets with your partner. Share your personal traumas, agonies, and negative life experiences with them. Talk about your vulnerabilities and insecurities to help them connect with you on a deeper level.

Let them openly discuss their hidden secrets with you as well. Listen with an open heart and mind, and help them fall in love with you again. Make them feel that you care for their pain and misery. Re-connect with your partner on a stronger level by making them feel that you truly care for them.

“Some people care too much; I think this is true love.”
(A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh)

10. Make them feel valued

Appreciation is the key to winning him over. Make him valued by appreciating his presence. Tell your partner that you feel protected and safe with them. Tell them that you seek comfort, peace, and solace in them. Tell them that they are the definition of comfort for you. Value your partner and make deliberate efforts to prove it.

Let them know that the mere thought of them is deciphered as the picture of a perfect person in your mind. Value their company, attention, and presence. Express what you feel when they are around. Never let them down or take their presence for granted.

Do not use this notion that no couple is perfect for self-satisfaction, Irina Firstein

Let them rediscover their long-lost selves by complimenting them. Reinvent the rhythm of your romantic life with them by valuing them.

Make Them Happy

11. Do the little things that make them happy

Go out of your way to bring happiness to their lives. A sincere lover always wants his beloved to be happy and content. If you still are in love with your partner and want to win him over again, try to make him happy. Make a to-do list of the things that used to make them happy.

Try to do all the things that made them happy. Read their favourite book to them under a sky full of stars and let them get excited that you still remember the little things that make them happy. In addition, bake their favourite cake, aromatize your living space with their favourite fragrance, wear their favourite colour, play their favourite music.

Detail orientation in remembering and doing every little thing that made them happy will definitely make them fall in love with you again. The efforts you put in bringing the best out of him will definitely retune your relationship.


Commitment needs conscious efforts to last forever. Make your partner fall in love with you again by making deliberate efforts. These 11 simple tips will help you decrypt your demolished relationship. Relationships need time, attention, and understanding. When you know where your partner is coming from, you will be better able to respond accordingly.

Moreover, learn the patterns of your beloved’s mind and rediscover your love affair’s fading hues from their memory. Help them fall in love with you by making conscious efforts to establish a meaningful connection. Rediscover one another and make the most out of your love affair. Also, let your partner know that they are important to you by following the tips shared above.

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