How to Be a Good Wife: 18 Tips to Improve Your Marriage

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Do you want to know how to be a good wife? Keep reading.

Maintaining a perfect home is not one person’s responsibility. It is a teamwork in which both partners put in their efforts and play their roles to make things work.

The key to a perfect relationship comes by strong bonding and positive energy from both husband and wife.

 It doesn’t mean that ‘wife’ becomes a stereotypical example of a married woman (working all the time for house maintenance). However, there are many things which are modern, progressive, and essential.

Did you know that most women think that cooking good food is the only requirement to strengthen their marriage? However, it is more than that!

Below are some helpful tips to help you bond better with your husband.

Become a Support System

Do not wait for a difficult time to become a support for your husband, pay attention to everything your husband starts, such as career, hobby or a new business. Appreciate his ideas and praise him.

If you think that something is not going to work properly, then use constructive criticism to improve and encourage his ideas. Help him achieve his goals and overcome his fears.

Make him feel loved

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Do you feel happy and safe with your husband? Do you really love him?

Then, let him know.

It is a very important part of a relationship. However, many couples think it is obvious that they are in love because they are living with each other. It is necessary to express love by a small peck on his cheek, a kiss, making his favourite breakfast or simply saying that you love him.

Become his best friend

Having your best friend as your spouse is the best thing. You can express or share anything in this amazing, genuine, and supportive relationship. Become a best friend to your husband, share your opinion and discuss things with him.

However, it can never be one-sided. You have to be a best friend of your husband by allowing a healthy friendship bonding. Give him enough confidence so he shares his opinions with you.

Support his friendships

According to relationship expert Karen Jones “Men tend to give up their man friends when they get married, and that’s a shame”, friendship with other men comes with less responsibility and it is carefree. It will improve his business, relationship and overall personality.

Communication is essential

Communication is very important in any relationship. Avoid assuming and imagining different things about his behaviour. If you feel something, then talk to him, listen carefully, and give him a nice piece of advice.

“When your partner has something they want to talk about, put down your phone,” says Kelsey Matheson, a life coach.

Respect him

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Mutual respect is mandatory in a relationship. Respect your husband for who he is instead of what he is doing or has done for your family. Do not misbehave, humiliate, belittle, or harm your husband.

Talk to him nicely and respect him – especially in front of his friends and family. Do not judge him if he is upset and something is on his mind.

Share interests with him

Men love to share their interests with their partners. Do not force yourself in doing something you don’t like. However, if your husband is discussing something about his hobbies then show some interest.

Let him pursue what he loves instead of stopping him just because you don’t like it. Sometimes try to take part in his favourite activities, especially when he asks you to.

Give him space

Everyone needs their own space, including married couples. The concept of personal space is mostly misunderstood among couples. They think their partner is fed up with you, the relationship, or the affair.

It doesn’t mean that he’ll take you for granted or ignore you, even though this is his own time to go about his favourite hobbies. Restricting your partner can lead to suffocation and negatively impact the relationship.

Support his goals

Ask him about his goals and share his goals with him. If he wants to try a new hobby or start a business, then try to show interest in it. Discuss his idea, share your opinions, encourage him, and help him to achieve his goals.

 “If he is wanting to begin a new business, start a new hobby, try a new fitness routine, encourage him to reach what he is wanting to achieve. In other words, be his cheerleader” says Patricia Bubash, a Licensed Professional Counsellor.

Avoid taunting and humiliating

A man comforting his distraught wife at home

Arguments and fights happen among every married couple. Being together in a relationship involves all the qualities and flaws. You face disagreements and arguments that lead to fights whereas it is important you think and pick your fight carefully.

Don’t compromise or let your ego flow into your relationship every time. If you want to confront, do it respectfully. Never humiliate him or mock him for anything.

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is important in everything, whether in business or in a relationship. It is a basis for a stronger bond. Marriages need open communication, truthfulness, and honesty. There is no leeway for lies or cheating.

It doesn’t mean that you tell him everything. There are many things which should be avoided like if he buys something for you and you don’t like it, you don’t like his shirt etc.

Sometimes honesty causes problems in a relationship or initiates a difference of opinion that leads to an argument. However, dishonesty can damage a relationship in the worst possible way. Always make a careful decision as to whether you prefer to be honest or hide something.

Be Yourself

Many people behave very nicely when dating and at the beginning of a marriage. Eventually their nature changes and they turn into a nightmare for their partner. Nobody likes their partner pretending to be someone they are not.

Always be your real self to make your partner love you the way you are. Pretending is bad and exhausting for the relationship or in worst circumstances even becomes a cause for a broken marriage.

Keep It romantic

Romance makes your marriage remain young and fun. Many marriages start to fizzle out due to lack of romance between the couples. Sometimes, surprise him!

Become naughty, get flirtatious, touch him, kiss him, tease him, and do spontaneous things for him to make him get attracted to you. Taking the first step will excite your man. It never means that you are needy or desperate.

A young man giving his wife a good morning kiss

Have Fun

Boredom exists in all marriages, even the ones you see on social media. The same routine makes it boring and leads to unhappiness. Plan different surprises, movie nights, cook dinner together, be silly together and share funny things about your life.

You can also read for each other, take dance classes, learn art or language together. It will help you find a group of mutual friends to hang out and get out of your comfort zone.

Tell him that he is amazing

Appreciate your husband about his strength and perfection. Tell him that he is great in bed, and he excites you. “Your partner wants to be the best you ever had so make sure he knows he is. It’s easy to forget to do this.

Make a conscious effort to let him know he’s a total stud.” says April Masini, a relationship and etiquette expert and author. Share your interests and new things that you want to try with him in bed.

Help him to maintain a healthy lifestyle

You are the cook of the house so focus on healthy ingredients. Encourage him to have a healthy lifestyle, do exercise and go to gym. Try to become his partner in the fitness routine. The most important thing is to avoid forcing him for anything.

Start doing things on your behalf like take time for walk and ask him to join you, try yoga at home, meditate then slowly discuss to join gym and other fitness activities together. If you think he likes to do it alone, then give him space.

Gratitude meditation, self-care

Prioritize self-care

You cannot make your man follow a fitness routine when you are not having it yourself. “It may seem counterintuitive when we’re talking about relationships, but it’s so important that a woman take some time for herself or she won’t be able to truly be present for her partner,” says Matheson notes.

To maintain a healthy routine, take time to practice yoga and other fitness activities, book spa and massages, relax, and visit a beauty salon for skin and hair care.

Be his secret keeper

Never let your bedroom things get out of the bedroom. Do not share personal information of your partner with anyone. If he discusses anything with you, never share it with your friends or family. 

“When told something in confidence by your partner, do not share the information with anyone — even your best friend,” says Kimberly Hershenson. Do not break his trust if he opens up with you.


Being a good wife doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself by staying in the kitchen, cooking, washing, cleaning, or neatly managing your house every time.

However, there are a lot of things that you need to do including taking care of yourself, enjoying your time with your husband, letting him know that you love him, having your own activities and much more.

Always take care of your marriage and your partner. Keep yours and your husband’s things to yourself. Sometimes, best friends or closest ones jump between the couples. There should be a strong bonding with trust, care, and love.

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