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How to Attract a Man and Make Him Want You

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There are many questions women have about how to attract a man and make him want them. This is a common topic in the dating advice world, but there is also an infinite number of ways to make a man want you.

Each man will have his own unique ways of responding, and there is no way to know for sure if you’re doing it right.

However, we can learn a few things about how to attract a man and make him want you that will help us start getting the attention we deserve.

The trick is to avoid the time-tested mistakes that all women make when they are trying to attract a man. These are the same mistakes that women have been making for centuries; it’s easy to fall into them because, in general, they effectively get us what we want in the long run.

What Exactly Is Attraction?

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Attraction can be so irresistible that men want to get us, and we can ignore or change any man who doesn’t want to get us. It’s the ability to make a man feel so special and desired that he can’t resist. And here’s the kicker:

We don’t have to be any different from who we already are. It’s not about changing who we are, but simply learning how to attract a man and make him want us so much that he’ll change for our love.

How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

To attract a man and make him want you, you have to become the thing that makes him feel that he wants you. So first, do a little research on yourself. Find out what it is about you that makes a man want to get you.

You see, it’s not about changing who you are; it’s about changing how you act.

Many things make us attractive to men, but the way we act is always the same. We all like to be loved, but some of us like to feel loved more than others. It’s a simple concept, yet it is the foundation of all attraction.

When you’re trying to attract a man and make him want you, you need to learn how to become the thing that brings out his love for you.

Why is this so important?

Well, if you’re going to be the thing that makes a man want you, you have to manage your behaviour. This is a delicate dance between being who you are and being the kind of woman he wants. It’s subtle, and it’s something that many women struggle to do.

But here’s the trick: If you can’t transition your behaviour so that it makes him want you, then you aren’t going to be able to make him want you. If you’re the same person you always were but suddenly acted differently; then he’s not going to feel that it’s different enough.

So, how do you make the transition?

Boldly. You have to be bold when you want a man. The truth is, men, don’t notice girls who are timid and fearful. They notice girls who are bold and self-confident. They notice confident enough girls to start asking for what they want and bold girls to get it.

And this transition happens in three ways.

Attraction Through Baby Steps

We have to take baby steps into the physical realm of attraction. Very often, when we want a man, we immediately go to the other aspects of attraction. We start focusing on what kind of man we want, the type of house he has, how much money he makes.

We start looking at the other parts of his life, and we start worrying about whether or not he’s going to be a good man.

We think that a good relationship should already be there, and we don’t realize that attraction will have to build from the beginning.

We don’t ask for what we want, and we don’t make him work for our love. We think that he should be able to find us attractive if he wants to.

Attraction Through Rejection

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When we do get rejected, we get discouraged and upset. Sometimes we can see that our behaviour pushes him away, but we don’t want to change it.

We focus on the negative and start confronting him over and over again with our feelings. We start to doubt our femininity when he doesn’t react in the way we want him to.

And when we get rejected, we go into denial. We think that if we give him a little more time, he’ll end up loving us. We think that if we keep trying to show him how much we want him, he’ll give in. We act like everything is alright when it’s not, and we let his rejection define who we are.

Attraction Through Confidence

When we do get rejected, it’s devastating. It hurts, and it hurts bad. But when we learn how to attract a man and make him want us, we learn that rejection doesn’t have to hurt. It can work to our advantage because it puts us on the path of confidence.

When we start attracting a man, we realize that rejection can be an important steppingstone. It can work to our advantage, giving us the confidence we need to move forward.

And because we don’t focus on the negative parts of rejection, but rather on the positive, we begin to see that rejection can be something positive. It can help us reach our goals, and it also helps us develop self-confidence that attracts men.

Women who have confidence have a certain glow about them. When we learn to attract a man, we start glowing. And then, when the man of our dreams comes along, he wants to get us. He wants to be with us, and he wants to take care of us.

So, how do you find the confidence that only comes from attraction?

You must be confident by nature. You must have a strong sense of self. But, you must also be able to acknowledge your faults. You need to feel comfortable in your own skin. But, at the same time, you should always know that you can make changes.

You can learn how to be confident. And when you do, you will be able to attract the man you’ve always hoped to fall in love with.

Tips on Attracting the Man of Your Dreams

1. Develop a sense of self.

When you want to attract the man of your dreams, you must develop a strong sense of self. You have to believe in yourself and know that you can do anything you put your mind to.

2. Don’t be afraid of rejection.

When we want a man, we often get caught up in how we feel about ourselves, so we ignore everything else. We think that if he doesn’t accept us, then we don’t have to accept ourselves. And when you want a man, you must learn how to learn from rejection. The more you do, the better you get at handling it.

3. Make him work for your love.

Working for your love isn’t easy to do, but it has many benefits. Number one, when he works for it, he wants it more. He puts in the extra effort to get it because he doesn’t want to let that chance slip through his fingers. And number two, you get to know him better. You get to see who he is, and then you begin to see that his actions define who he is as a person.

4. Avoid being pushy.

There’s a fine line between being assertive and being pushy. You want to be assertive, and you want him to know that he is special. But this doesn’t mean that you need to go out and ask for everything. You don’t need to call him and constantly check upon him. You can be assertive without being pushy. But, at the same time, you should be able to make it known what you want.

5. Don’t give up.

We all get discouraged when we do the right things, but nothing seems to work. But, if you want to attract the man of your dreams, you mustn’t give up. You should keep doing what you are doing and learn how to get over the failures. You should learn that failure is not an end but rather a new beginning.


Attraction is not something we can control. We can’t force a man to be attracted to us. But, attraction is something that we can earn. And when we do, it’s amazing how much our lives change.

We have to spend a great deal of time in the physical world to attract a man. When we learn how to do this, we begin to change our lives for the better, and we begin to see that attraction can bring out our best.

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