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How to Know if Someone Truly Loves You or Not

does he love me

If you are in a relationship, do you, at times, experience feelings of doubt and wonder, ‘does he love me?’ If such doubts ever lurk in your mind, then you have certainly landed on the right forum. Here at Trusty, you can find evidence-based facts that can help you know if someone truly loves you or not.

According to Meredith Shirey, a relationship therapist, you should not act like a control freak or try to possess your partner in true love. However, this does not mean that trying to question your partner’s feelings is at all bad. In fact, if you know whether your spouse loves you or not can help you avoid any possible heartbreaks.

There are sure signs and behaviour traits that can tell you if someone sincerely loves you or not—excited about learning these traits? Let’s explore 11 signs on how you can get to know if someone is genuinely in love with you or not!

He is Open with You

1. He is Open with You

True love makes you forget yourself. When in love, people present their unique personality traits that are otherwise hidden. If he is reserved in public but comfortable opening up in front of you, he truly loves you. If your spouse regularly shares his deepest emotions with you, he is in love with you.

More so, a partner who truly loves you will present himself in every form to you without being bothered about perfection. When your partner does all that, it means that he wants you to get to know him deeply and is hopelessly in love with you.

2. He is Happy to Be Around You

When in love, people find happiness, comfort, and solace by merely looking at the person they love. If he lights up seeing you despite having a bad day, this is a sign that he loves you.

The voice of a loved one releases endorphins (i.e., hormones released during a state of happiness) inside our bodies, which is the human body’s natural physiochemical system. Nature also systematically makes a person happy on the mere sight, hearing, or even thought of a person they love.

3. He Won’t Stop Staring at You

If he is in love with you, then he will often look at you in awe. His awe and admiration will be covered with a puzzled look. If he looks at you with watery eyes and often loses himself during the process, then you are the love of his life. His awe-struck look with a deep sense of admiration in it can tell you that he is in love with you.

Couples who indeed are in love with each other try to maintain eye contact for a more extended period. According to a study conducted by Zick Rubin, a social psychologist, couples in real love look at each other 75 % of the time while engaged in conversation than other people, which is 30 to 60% of the time.

4. He Expresses his Giddiness

Love makes one happy, silly, and giddy. Your beloved’s simple sight can make you express your natural self, free from all kinds of complexes. If your man is behaving the way children behave on getting their favourite candy, this signifies that he genuinely loves you.

Love is the water of life. And a lover is a soul of fire! The universe turns differently when fire loves water.

If he seems super excited and laughs for no reason when with you, this is the charisma of being around a loved one. From now on, if you find a man giddy, silly, nervous, and super excited around you, then rest assured that he truly loves you.

He Hates to See You Suffer

5. He Hates to See You Suffer

According to Dr Suzana Flores, a clinical psychologist and author, if someone cares for you and show empathy, they stick with you through thick and thin. Their loyalty during hard times is a clear indication that they are genuinely in love with you. A true lover cares about your well-being, emotions, and happiness.

If he genuinely loves you, then he cannot bear to see you in pain, agony, or trouble. Your slightest suffering will upset him a lot. He will try to make you feel comfortable as much as he can. He cannot watch you in pain or affliction.

Simply put, a man who is truly in love will always want his partner to be happy. Therefore, if you notice that your man feels depressed when you are depressed, he is truly in love with you.

6. He Talks About a Future with You

Does your partner talk about sharing his future with you? If he is genuinely in love with you, he will want to make you a part of his life. True love means planning a future with the person you love.

If he is truly committed, you will find him discussing his future with you quite often. And, of course, his aura will move you to yearn for a great future together.

7. He Gives You Insightful Compliments

Have you ever received an insightful compliment from your partner? Saying “I like your new dress” and “you are the one who can make me a better person” are two entirely different forms of compliments.

The next time he passes compliments that particularly highlight your personality’s critical characteristics, then this is an obvious sign that he genuinely loves you.

He Shares his Insecurities with You

8. He Shares his Insecurities with You

If someone is in love with you, they will openly share their deepest resentments, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. He will love to talk about your dreams, ambitions, and past. A true lover will want you to know each side of their personality. They will be happy to share their life with you forever.

If you ever came across a person who discusses deep-rooted secrets of their life with you, then it means that they trust you and are ready to make you a part of their world.

According to Dr Krauss, couples who like to know about each other’s past and positively enjoy memories have a tremendous and stronger bond in their present and future life.

9. Distance Makes Them Crazy

According to Dr Krauss, a true lover always craves to spend time with you. Giving time to your relationship is a prominent sign of a real and intimate relationship. Despite having a busy routine, a sincere lover will always make time to see the love of his life.

If someone misses you in your absence and expresses that they missed you, then it is apparent that they love you. Whenever sincere lovers are distanced from each other, they yearn to be back together as soon as they could. Having a holiday at your favourite destination seems meaningless without the company of your beloved.

10. He Offers Positive Criticism

Love does not mean that you always praise and commend each other. A true lover will, at times, be your critic, as he will never want you to possess negative personality traits.

If your partner criticizes you for any mistakes committed by you positively, it means that they do care for you. Positive criticism will bring out the best in you, and a true lover would want you to be the best version of yourself.

He Values Your Opinions

11. He Values Your Opinions

When someone truly loves another person, they validate their point of view. A true lover always seeks the opinion of their beloved in every aspect of his life. Dr Susan Krauss, a psychologist, and author stated in an article published in psychology today that a true lover listens and respects your opinion always no matter if it is polar opposite from his opinion.

True love manifests itself by accepting and valuing the opinion of your better half. Whenever you find someone giving weight to your opinion, rest assured that they truly love you.

5 Signs That Tell He Does Not Love You

While there are signs that prove that your partner loves you, there are those signs that tell that he does not love you. Five of these signs are:

1. He Does Not Stand by Your Side

If someone is only around you during your happy moments and leaves you alone whenever you are sad, cranky, or vulnerable, then be cautious as these are the traits of a fair-weather lover.

Love means spending your happy and sad moments with the person you love. It means staying by one another’s side during every time of their life. A person who loves you will offer constant support, no matter how harsh the circumstances turn out. True love is accepting someone as a whole with their positive and negative qualities.

2. He Does Not Consider You as Being Special

Long-lasting relationships are founded on the mantra of giving and take. Human beings seek to be valued, loved, and respected. A true lover will always try to do something extra for you to make your day.

It is the little thing that shows you are unique, from making your favourite cup of coffee to having your needs met even without asking. A true lover will always go the extra mile to make you feel special.

However, if he does not make you feel this way, be aware of a fake lover and save yourself from the emotional drain.

3. Your Absence Does Not Affect Him

Ever wondered what impact your absence has on your man? If he feels comfortable when you are not around, then it is high time that you ditch him and save yourself from the relationship’s emotional baggage.

A sincere lover will not feel comfortable in the absence of their beloved as their whole world revolves around that person. The mere thought of losing you will scare the hell out of your man.

Deep-rooted love deciphers itself in all the places of one’s life. A timely infatuation will make you like a person but will not make you miss them in every aspect of your life.

He Does Not Understand Your Silence

4. He Does Not Understand Your Silence

A sincere lover knows the tantrums of his beloved, and you do not always need to communicate your feelings to be seen, heard, and understood. The sight of a beloved’s eyes reveals all the secrets rooted in the soul. A true lover will always know the causes of your moods and behaviours.

However, If he does not show these signs, then you better watch out and know that your partner is manipulating you in the name of love. 

5. Does not Support your Dreams

An honest lover will always want you to achieve your dreams. They will be the most incredible supporters in your life. However, a weak man will not tolerate you accomplishing great things in life.

A fake lover will always see you as a competition. A man with a weaker personality feels intimidated if you are going ahead in your life. On the contrary, true love is the purest emotion on earth.

Someone who truly loves you will make you feel fabulous. If your partner’s company is making you anything other than happy, it would be wise to part ways earlier than waste your time on a manipulative control freak.

A thorough gentleman will always make you feel like a queen and always go the extra mile to make you happy. Strong men do not get intimidated by a women’s success; instead, they lend the right amount of support and appreciation. 


The right man will help you achieve success and will always be by your side. There is no competition among true lovers, and there is no ego among two sincere souls. Two sincere souls merge into a single being if the love is real.

Now you know how to tell if he is the right man or not. Having learned to differentiate between a sincere lover and an ordinary admirer, you can make your relationship stand out by making your beloved valued, heard, and supported.

I trust that from now henceforth, you will differentiate between infatuation and true love, making your relationship much more robust. Have you found this article helpful in deciphering the quest “Does he love me”? Tell me about it in your comments below.

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