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Dating tips for single moms, single parenting is a difficult task. Sometimes it becomes very exhausting, and you need a break for yourself. There are a lot of things to consider, especially when trying to give a new relationship a chance or planning a date.

Going on a date can be a challenging decision for single moms. However, if you are determined, you can almost certainly make it work. We’ll go over 10 dating suggestions for single mothers in this article. These tips will help you to manage everything conveniently.

When you’re a single mother, dating can be a very different experience. There is, however, nothing to be concerned about. You can meet your date with ease if you have the right advice and plans in place. Let’s have a look at some helpful hints to help you improve in this area.

1. Make a strategy

“First impression is the last impression” Well, it doesn’t apply to everyone, but why take the risk? Before everything else, you must decide the time that is easy for you to manage. You can plan it according to your work and children’s schedule. First of all, you should create a strategy for your preferred hour, as this is the time when you can concentrate the most.

Manage the time properly so you have the opportunity to have a conversation and get to know the other person better. Everything could go smoothly on a date, and you will find the right person if you are not in a hurry. Think a little about different topics you want to discuss to avoid awkward silences. You will be prepared for various questions that concern you, your home and your children.

2. Relax and enjoy yourself

This is your time to enjoy and relax – away from all the worries, tight schedules, and responsibilities. There are a lot of challenges that single moms handle every day. Single mothers, despite their bravery, are capable of accomplishing things on their own. As a result, you should refrain from discussing the difficulties of becoming a mother. Instead, concentrate on how much fun you’re having.

If your discussion leads to a taboo about something, then handle it carefully and wisely. You can nicely divert the topic to something else. Do not let anything make you uncomfortable or less confident. Try to make the meeting very comfortable and fun for both of you.

3. Be true to yourself

Never pretend to be what you are not, especially when dating to find someone for a serious commitment. No one likes it when their partner changes after they get into a relationship. There’s no need to adjust your behaviour or attitude if your goal is to impress your man.

You only have to be yourself for him to fall in love with you. Be honest while telling the other person about your nature, professional life and the life with your kid. You can ask the other person whatever you want to know about common things among you.

Sometimes people love to talk about political perspectives and religious beliefs, but most of the time it leads to arguments. Give an honest and polite answer, and then try to deviate from the topic so you don’t start an argument with the person you’re meeting for the first time.

4. Negativity should be avoided

Dating tips for single moms

Speaking negatively about your ex is not a smart idea. This thing will give the other person a bad impression of you. After all, you don’t want to come across as a bitter woman. You can talk to your friends or a reputable family therapist if you wish to share your feelings. Do not talk bad things about your kids and the problems you face in handling them.

Talk about nice and pleasant things, and ask about the likes and dislikes of the other person. It will initiate many interesting discussions. Try to avoid negative things because they will ruin your impression in the first meeting.

5. Don’t overindulge in alcohol

Try to plan your meeting at lunchtime or have a nice coffee, enjoy nice food and dessert but try to avoid drinking in the first meeting. However, having a drink is not harmful if you stay within a limit. You should avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. Having too much booze on your first date, according to experts, is a big no-no. It will be more than plenty if you only take one drink.

Have one nice drink and drink it very slowly to keep going. In this way, you will have a very limited amount of alcohol without feeling awkward. However, do not hide your choice if the other person asks.

6. Don’t bring up your children

Children are very sensitive when it comes to their parents, especially mothers. You never know, your kids might become insecure if you tell them about your date. On the other hand, you should avoid discussing your children’s problems on your first date. You want to project the image of a woman, not a mother. As a result, instead of talking about others, you should talk about yourself.

Let the other person talk as well. That doesn’t mean you forget your children completely. Keep a balance while discussing your kids. Try to just give an introduction to your children instead of discussing everything about them. Make the meeting more about you and your date partner.

7. Keep your expectations in check

The expectations of your partner change with the current circumstances. As a mom, you must have many expectations of the person you are dating. Make sure you have realistic expectations for your first date. You may feel tremendously agitated if your goals are unreasonable. Instead, think of it as a fun mini-adventure.

Don’t expect other people to feel like a father to your children or to show great interest in your children on a first date. This affection comes with the passage of time. Just meet your first date without having a huge list of questions in your mind. It is better that you enjoy it as much as you can.

1. Wear the best

Looking good makes you feel confident. Wear very stylish, modern, and comfortable clothes. Your dressing explains your personality to a person who is meeting you for the first time. If you do not like wearing exposing clothes, then don’t wear them on your first date.

Consider the other person’s height when choosing the size of heels you will be wearing. If you are tall, do not wear very high heels. Try to have an elegant appearance. Wear nice clothes, avoid excessive makeup, wear small, nice jewellery, and shoes, and carry a nice bag to match the dress or shoes.

2. Ask them what they are good at

This question is a great help in the process of knowing each other. You can understand the likeness of a person better. It also involves the hobbies and things that the other person loves to do. You can also make it a nice discussion, for example, if the other person tells you they’re good at playing the guitar, then you can ask what their main style of play is. You can also ask what type of music they like, and you can share your choice. It will lead you to a very interesting discussion.

 3. Handle a bad date with care

There is no rule of thumb for a perfect date. Some dates turn out to be the best, while sometimes they get “terrible,” especially when you’re trying to go on a blind date. You don’t have to feel bad if the other person asks for a kiss on the first date, you drink too much, the discussion gets awkward, or anything else happens.

Be patient and nice while handling these issues. Remember that it’s okay to end a date if you don’t feel comfortable. You can have a drink, food or whatever you are having and then leave by saying a polite goodbye. Do not keep suffering if you are not comfortable with the other person.


There is a huge list of things that can happen on the first date. You can feel awkward, unhappy, uncomfortable, super excited and very attracted. These things come as a surprise when you meet another person.

On the other hand, your date can feel anything about meeting you. If they do not have a good response, then never get disappointed because everyone has his own feelings. While talking online, share your original photos and tell the truth about yourself. This way the other person doesn’t feel uncomfortable after meeting you in real life. Try to talk to the other person a couple of times before meeting them so you can decide if it is okay to meet them or not.

If you find this dating tips for single moms article helpful, please comment below. This will help me to improve my writing and make future articles more interesting for the reader.

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