Dating Tips for Shy Guys in 11 Easy Steps

Dating Tips for Shy Guys, aboy and a women on coffee table for a date

Dating Tips for Shy Guys

If you are a single shy guy looking for love, what you need are dating tips for shy guys. Trusty dating blogs can help you overcome your shyness and win over women.

There is that specific girl you are into. You keep telling yourself that you will approach her. But, when it is time to approach her and talk to her, shyness gets the best of you, and you decide to postpone your advances to a ‘later time.’ Yet, that ‘later time never comes, and you end up keeping your feelings to yourself…for a very long time.

Has that ever happened to you? If you are a shy guy, then you most probably know the feeling. You wish you could be like those confident men who don’t hold back from approaching the ladies they are interested in.

As you already know, confidence in dating is crucial. Shyness has a direct impact on your dating success. You wouldn’t want the girl of your dreams to be swept off her feet by another man just because you were too shy to approach her, would you?

Therefore, you need to learn how to overcome your shyness around women. And the good news is: you can overcome your shyness! Many people who struggled with shyness around women in the past have overcome it, and so can you!

You might wonder, if it is already hard enough for confident men to approach women, how can you, a shy guy, approach and date a woman? How do you handle that first phone call? How do you go about your first date, if you are lucky enough to have one? The first kiss?

This article will help you learn how to Overcome Shyness Around Women with 11 Easy Steps. Read on!

11 Dating Tips for Shy Guys

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To navigate the murky waters of dating, you need to learn the balance between overconfidence and shyness. In other words, while you want to come out strong enough, you must also avoid coming out too strong.

The following are 11 expert Dating Tips for Shy Guys that can guarantee you sail through the waters of dating with great confidence:

1. Remember that Women are Just People

Do you feel shy when talking to your sister or mother? How about that woman who sells you groceries at the store? Most probably not. Well, these are women. So, you are not as shy around women as you think you are.

Nathan Adlam, the founding editor of Social Sage, says that “It’s important to realize that women are people too. They struggle folding fitted sheets, burn the roof of their mouth on hot pizza sauce, and sometimes they forget to put on deodorant. They also get nervous around those they have a crush on, and they love when attractive members of the opposite sex come to talk to them.”

Remembering that the lady you are attracted to is just a person like any other is the first step to overcoming your shyness. Yes, if you can talk comfortably with your mother and the grocery store woman, you can also be comfortable around the woman you adore.

2. Cultivate Friendships with Other Women

You most probably don’t feel shy around women you are not attracted to. Well, one great way you can boost your confidence and overcome shyness is by cultivating friendships with other women.

Laura Yates, a dating coach from London, advises in the Distilled Man that “…make an effort every single day to strike up conversations with women. All women—not just ones you are attracted to. The more women you can connect with or just have conversations with on a regular basis, the more you will fine-tune those social skills around them and the less shy you will begin to feel.”

Since you have no romantic interest in these women, you will learn the art of building genuine friendships. You will also learn how to hold meaningful conversations with women. In turn, these attributes will help you gain more confidence and be comfortable around your dream woman.

3. Focus on Yourself

Before you can cultivate enough confidence to talk to her, you first need to focus on yourself. Yes, forget about women for now; then take a closer look at yourself. When focusing on yourself, your goal should be to find what makes you confident and comfortable.

For instance, think about what makes you happy, apart from relationships. What activities bring out the strength and confidence in you? Take on these activities very often, even if it means doing the scariest stuff that you’ve ever done.

The more you engage in these positive thoughts and activities, the more you will build your confidence. Then, in time, you will be able to transfer your confidence in these non-romantic areas to your romantic relationships with the women you love.

4. Make Friends with Outgoing People

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They say bad associations spoil good habits. In the same manner, good associations build good habits. Therefore, if you want to overcome shyness and gain more confidence around women, start surrounding yourself with confident, outgoing people.

When you are around people who are more outgoing and extroverted than you, you will be influenced to develop those skills yourself. In time, you will find yourself even more relaxed and comfortable around women.

What’s even better, having outgoing people as your friends will mean less work for you when approaching women. After all, your outgoing friends will initiate the conversations for you, and you will have a much easier time with women.

5. Take a Genuine Interest in Her

Sana Zafar says in Medium: Alfred Adler, a psychologist, once wrote that “It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow men who has the greatest difficulties in life.” Indeed, if you want to reduce the challenges you have with talking to women, it is high time you started taking a genuine interest in them.

Taking an interest in the woman you love begins with putting her concerns and interests first. For instance, when engaging in conversations, ask her genuine questions about herself. Then, listen to her keenly and maintain eye contact as she expresses herself.

Also, refrain from talking too much about yourself, especially if you’ve just met the woman. When you learn to ask genuine questions and listen keenly, women will feel more drawn and connected to you. In turn, you will undoubtedly win over your dream girl’s heart.

6. Change Your View of Rejection

Rejection is a normal part of the dating process. Sometimes the girl you love will also show a genuine interest in you, and sometimes she won’t. However, rejections tend to hit shy guys harder, causing them to give up on women and dating altogether.

Therefore, one way you can succeed in the dating field is by changing your view of rejection. Just because a woman rejected your romantic advances does not mean that you are a failure. In fact, most times that a guy gets rejected not because of their personality, but because of the other party!

Also, think about it this way; if you had a guarantee that you would never be rejected, would that still make the dating process much easier for you? Of course not. So don’t let the fear of rejection make you shy away and hold you back from approaching women.

7. Be Yourself

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As a shy guy, you most probably admire those confident guys who seem to get whatever they want. You might even be inclined to copy their character, how they talk, how they walk, and the places they visit, hoping that you will also find success with women as they do.

However, being yourself and not trying to be like someone else can guarantee you success with women.

Do what lights you up.

Spend time on things that you love.

Be fully immersed in the things that you don’t feel shy doing.

When you do the things that you genuinely enjoy, people will be more attracted to you. Who knows? You could even just bump into the woman of your dreams along the way, and she will be drawn to your contagious passion and energy.

8. Cultivate a Sense of Self-worth

You may be shy, but that doesn’t mean you are a worthless person. Shyness is just a personality trait, not a negative quality. So keep reminding yourself that you are a fantastic, cool, and eligible person.

Dr Kristie Overstreet, a clinical sexologist and psychotherapist, suggests, “Take 5 minutes and make a list of all of your strengths. Doing this and referring back to it, will be a reminder that you are enough as well as worthy to be around (them).”

Also, don’t just tell yourself that you are an awesome person. Believe that you are awesome. Believe that you will make an awesome boyfriend one day, and you will become one soon!

9. Improve Your Body Language

As odd as it may sound, your body language directly affects your confidence. Body language here refers to your posture, facial expressions, and other bodily gestures. The right body language can give you the confidence you need to meet up with women.

Melanie Schilling, a relationship and psychology expert, recommends in Love & Harmony, “Stand in a powerful posture, shoulders back, chin slightly up, using open gestures and smile. Adopting high-status body language can make you feel more confident and psychologically prepared.”

10. Embrace Your Shyness

Yes, you’re a shy guy, so what? Being shy is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, women are drawn to shy guys, as most of these usually come out as kind, generous, and very humble people.

Colin, dating coach of ‘Day Game Dating‘, says in Love & Harmony: “Shyness can be attractive, as can confidence.” So, don’t feel bad just because you are not a party person or an extrovert. Own your shyness, focus on who you are, and women will be drawn to your adorable personality.

11. Remember that Dating is Fun

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Nothing feels better than finally getting the girl of your dreams. However, don’t let the pressure of winning get into your head. Remember, dating is not like a job interview; it is just about you connecting with her.

With the right view of dating, you will be able to handle the process with more confidence. More so, rejection won’t feel like the end of the world for you. Such a perspective will help you venture into the dating waters with more confidence than ever.


Dating Tips for Shy Guys

You deserve to meet and date someone amazing. Nothing should hold you back from that, not even a personality trait like shyness. So, do not let being shy get in the way and affect your dating life.

Put in all effort to overcome your shyness. Remember that women are just people. Widen your circle of friendships; make friends with more women and other outgoing people. Focus on yourself, embrace your shyness and work on improving your body posture.

Also, cultivate a sense of self-worth and don’t fear rejection. When you follow those suggestions and remember that, above all, dating is fun, you will overcome your shyness and gain the confidence you need to approach that girl and pour out your real heart’s feelings.

Are you a shy guy? What are some of the most challenging things you experience in your dating life? Let me know in your comments below.

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