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A Better Life Starts with a Healthy Relationship

15 best Relationship Goals For couples to Strengthen their love

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What are relationship goals? We have all seen hashtags of relationship goals with vast social media spread. This hashtag has been seen as a symbol of admiration for a couple but is this hashtag all that we want? Relationship goals are just like any other aim or ambition that we have in life. Man is a social animal, and it is hard to live in solitude for long. Relationships are essential in life, and we should set goals for the kind of relationship we want. These hashtags of relationships are not merely enough.

The usage of the hashtag relationship goals took off in 2014 when individuals began plastering it throughout social media. However, what is the relationship target? Can a happy pose picture ensure happiness? Do you honestly think these happily posing couples do not have arguments in real life?

The reply is that no couple is entirely in Love and pleased always. The truth is much less glamorous than social media would have us consider. If we want real-life goals, then we have to set real-life expectations. Trusty has enlisted an inventory of extra real looking, really achievable 15 best relationship goals you actually want, for the people who are not fooled by unimaginable expectations set by social media.

1. Keep your identity as a person

As a pair, turning into a single entity is an all too simple entice to fall into. It all looks so lovely to give up one’s pursuits and happiness for the other, but it is not healthy for a relationship. It is necessary to make certain compromises in order to make your relationship work but losing your self is not wise.  As in the words of Esther Perel:

Love rests on two pillars: surrender and autonomy. Our need for togetherness exists alongside our need for separateness.”

 It is vital in any relationship for every particular person to take care of their very own individuality and independence. Balancing is the key as a Psychotherapist, and Re-partnering Coach Deborah Hacker says that sustaining individuality is important to establish a long-lasting and healthy relationship. Therefore, it is necessary to make conscious efforts to pay attention to oneself along with the relationship. In other words, being collectively sufficient, you will be able to feel comfortable to be aside, with two separate identities within the relationship. So, it is one of the vital relationship goals to aim for.

2. Stay together with each other both in sickness and in health

Life is unprecedented and we cannot do anything about it. Like the corona pandemic, who would have thought that things might take a turn this way. Likewise, sometimes you may face difficult situations in life, and at other times you are perfectly fine. Life is a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs.

So, it should be one of your relationship goals to stay together with each other in sickness and in health. The best relationship is the one in which a couple stays intact with each other irrespective of the changing scenario. It is essential to stay with your partner through thick and thin if you want a long and healthy relationship.

3. Learning together for a lifetime

Learning is a continuous process, and individuals can keep learning in every phase of life. Growth is beneficial for you – good for you as a person and good for you as a pair. An excellent way to encourage and challenge each other positively is to engage in learning a new skill and enhance knowledge together.

It will serve two purposes; first, it can be a way to acquire a new skill or enhance your knowledge.  Secondly, it will give you more time as a couple to spend more time with each other. You can join a swimming class or a music lesson or enroll in a dance class to learn salsa. Learning together can be beneficial for you.

4. Deal your relationship with care

Care and kindness are two remarkable traits in any individual. Human beings long for Love and care, and if you foster these traits in a relationship, your relationship will build up with more strength. It will increase your Love for another. So, make dealing with your relationship with care as one of the vital relationship goals.

Keep in mind your partner’s interest as a priority while making any decision. Look for each other needs and take care of each other responsibly. Deal with one another’s emotion and heart with great care and cherish your partner’s heart as a precious treasure, because what could be more valuable?

“Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.”
Anthony J. D’Angelo

5. Search for somebody with comparable values

For long-lasting relationships, search for someone with similar values, similarities in age, believes, hobbies, etc. Companions ought to be particularly confident that their values match prior to moving into marriage.

Though different variations could be accommodated and tolerated, a distinction in values is especially problematic if you are aiming for a long-lasting relationship. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting relationship, it should be your goal to search for someone with comparable values.

6. Actively take part in each other pursuits

One of the best relationship goals is not to take one another for granted. Help each other in all smaller and larger deeds, run the extra mile, and put conscious efforts to support each other in every pursuit.

7. Be genuine in your relationship

Actual relationships are based mostly on genuine individuals in daily life conditions. Your real version is the best version of yourself!

Try to find someone who is genuine to core and is comfortable in one’s skin. One of the prime relationship goals is to feel as cozy beside your partner with no make-up, sleepy face version of you, as you feel at any other moment.

8. Trust is the key to any relationship

In case your partner left their phone in your proximity, and you also happen to be alone, would you snoop? Take a peek at their messages, calls, or social media? Or are you sure of the reliability of your relationship?

Trust is the prime factor in each relationship, and Love is built on this essential factor. Above all, one of the vital relationship goals is to have a stable basis of Trust that may not dwindle with time.

According to an article published in strategic psychology,

“Trust is integral to happy and fulfilling relationships in both our personal and professional lives. We require Trust to develop over time to build successful and meaningful partnerships.”

9. A part of the family

When your families embrace you with open hearts and incorporate each of you in all of the plans and speculate you may be there, you have made it! Similarly, your couple status is reliable as you become an essential part of each other’s family. So, set it as one of your relationship goals to be part of each other’s family.

10. Create your little universe

In long-term relationship goals, creating your world is like creating your little universe of happiness and one step towards the magical aura. It is that intimate ‘solely a pair themselves is aware of’ world – the phrases you use, the memories solely you share, the private particulars…

As Keane sang, let us go someplace only we know.

11. Try new things-go on an adventure together

Newness or novelty has been intriguing humankind since Neanderthal times. Trying new things together can be very refreshing for your relationship. Couples achieving all the relationship goals do novel things together. You do not need to go skydiving for mutual adventure, however then once more, why not?

Moreover, do new pursuits, go-to new locations, even when it is a new ice cream parlour down the street or a new BBQ spot. Travel together a lot if you can as it keeps you fresh and strengthen your bond with your loved one. Newness and spontaneity retain your Love alive!

12. Be a Live-wire and connect to your partner at a deeper level

Connect with your partner at a deeper level when you communicate– listen, do not merely hear.

One of the most significant achievements in any relationship is connecting with your partner at a level where you comprehend the actual meaning of what is being said. You become aware of the person’s thoughts by a mere blink of an eye or a particular gesture. Try to hit this level of connection to decode the actual message behind the words.

13. Speak out to handle conflicts

The utmost important relationship goal is to learn to handle any conflict in a relationship. Communication goes a long way and is the best way to share your feelings and thoughts.

However, the relationship is not a fairy tale, and every couple does fight with one another at any point in their relationship. The key is not to escalate fights or hold grudges and communicate to work out the problems.

The best couple knows how to resolve the conflict by the approach of effective communication. Please take a deep breath, de-escalate the scenario by reaching out, and telling your partner that you need to listen to them more than proving you self-right. It is going to work miracles! 

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.”
Bryant H. McGill 

14. Be besties, not just romantic partners

It is vital to have romantic chemistry with your partner but being a friend with your accomplice is even more critical. One of the best relationship goals is to be each other best friends.

As it is true that at the end of the day, you spend most of the time with your partner. However, having a partner with whom you can talk freely about anything is something extraordinary. 

As there is a well-known saying:

Love is friendship set on fire.”
Jeremy Taylor

15. Make your relationship last forever

You might be an ideal couple now, but the sustainability of this relationship is essential. We often make petty issues our relationship goals. However, having somebody to spend the remainder of your life with might be the most important one all of us have deep down.

Undoubtedly, fun gives a boost to your happiness. However, planning in the direction of long-term goals provides safety and a sense of accomplishment. Similarly, it gives you ultimate contentment and fulfilment. Besides, it offers the stamp of protection that it is not bizarre to make long-term plans and affirms that you simply each see your future together.


Like any valuable thing, relationships require consistent effort and strenuous hard work to achieve lifelong happiness. The relationship is like a car balanced on the pillars of Love, trust, friendship, and forgiveness. For any healthy relationship, you set some realistic goals which you want to attain in the course of your relationship. 

Trusty has gathered this list of ’15 Best Relationship Goals You (Actually) Want’ for you so you can achieve ultimate happiness and a strong bond with your loved one. Practice all the goals mentioned earlier in your relationship and let me know in the comments below how these goals have helped you in your relationship.

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