The phrase “I love you” brings couples together to lead the life of their choice. However, determining the optimal conditions for love becomes the most demanding task for both. Most people in love are at a crossroads, and in most cases, they may never go down the same path. Decisions can differ. We may have hobbies, practices, cultural beliefs, or behaviors that do not match.

Love is the personal truth that we cannot fully explain in words, but the feeling, the details of which can only be understood through living experience. We may never know what the pattern of love will hold for us. It may look like a perfect connection, but after all, it may not be the one you expected. There are uphill and downhill slopes.

Trusty wants to provide advice, tips, and ideas on how a love relationship can last. If you’re looking to start a serious relationship that you’ve never been in before, this blog is for you.

We will share experiences, illustrations, and even practical suggestions so that you can get along with your partner even in the most difficult times. This blog will be a well-researched source of knowledge and understanding that will not only save your love but keep it solid.

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