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7 Simple things to know before a first date

Hey, did you know that dating is not as easy as it sounds? Dating can be complicated and sometimes – especially on a first date – it’s easy to make mistakes, losing all the possibilities of a potential relationship.  First impressions always last, so the tips below will help you avoid the pitfalls and have you putting the best foot forward to make that lasting and great impression. it is good to know about the simple things before a first date.

Good relationships or wonderful partners don’t come by every day, and when they do -you need to be on your game. Mistakes are avoidable all that’s needed is the knowledge and application of a few important rules. We want your first date to be successful, therefore we have carefully researched and written out some tips to help you avoid disappointment on your first date.

young man and woman outside- things to know before a first date

Read ahead and save yourself from unnecessary embarrassments!

1. You need to Be decisive

When you meet someone for the first time, it’s important to be confident. In traditional dating rules, the man is meant to be decisive and should take lead as to what occurs during the date or where the couple should go. (Much of the success of a first date largely depends on the man, but can also be improved or helped by the woman).

While this [traditional quality of male decisiveness] is still attractive, the social and cultural norms and dating rules of today make a lot more room for flexibility. This means that both of you can suggest what you want to do or share ideas on where to go, but ultimately ensure you make a smooth and uncomplicated decision that you are both happy with.

The same goes for the date itself; don’t hesitate to ask questions – assuming they’re appropriate – be prepared to have an open and honest conversation while on your best behaviour and listening carefully. Everyone likes to be heard and listening is an attractive quality. 

coffee cups on a table- things to know before a first date

2. Make sure you don’t overthink or over plan

Understanding the psychology of someone you’ve barely met is close to impossible. Therefore, it’s best not to stress yourself about trying to understand every minute detail or action someone makes during a date. Don’t read into everything in depth, you don’t have enough information, it takes time to get know someone. Don’t rush!

Stick with your personal style and be true to yourself. Fashion and style make incredible statements about a person and stay with whatever your style is. Your clothing is a confident expression of you and your choices, it’s very much about showing your true self, your preferences, and clearly demonstrates the relationship you have with your body and how confident you are in your own skin. So dress for who you are and not who you think someone might want you to be.

3. Give your full attention to your date partner

If you’re out with a friend and they keep taking their phone out to check messages, it’s likely to get a little annoying, don’t do it. Give your date your undivided attention; they will appreciate it. There’s nothing worse than someone who’s constantly distracted by social media, and you are sending out a clear signal that your virtual engagement with people is more important than the real thing. Phones need to be put away and not appear on the table. It is one of the things to know before a first date.

Give full attention to your partner- things to know before a first date

You don’t want to mess up your first date with a potential partner, do you? I’m sure you want to have a successful and happy dating experience, so refrain from pulling out your phone. You will always have your phone when your date is over, so why lose a good opportunity to be known and loved? Of course, if you’re expecting an important message or email, you could let your date partner know before time and ask them for permission, however, it shouldn’t be more than once.  Also remember the value of good eye contact, keep your eyes fixed on them most of the time, and don’t let your eyes wander from place to place. We listen with our eyes also and they are the windows to your soul – and a clear view of each other’s souls on a date is a very beautiful thing and a very revealing one.

4. Listen as closely as you can

Listening is a great skill to have and let’s be clear, I’m not just talking about hearing what other people are saying here, rather I’m talking about the art of listening for the purpose of understanding of what is being communicated. Great listeners are more understanding and are able to make wiser decisions than great talkers, so listen well to your date partner if you quickly want to earn their trust and confidence. It is one of the important things to know before a first date. While you are both in the process of building a meaningful conversation, also endeavour to talk less and listen more. Work to give opportunities to have a balanced conversation, trying to give opportunities for your date partner to speak about themselves.

a young man listening to an older man- things to know before a first date

This shows that you are a caring person, but it’s also one of most proven ways you could employ in learning about someone new in your life and learning whether you’re compatible or not. More than that, it also gives you a lot of insight about them on a personal level, helping you to have a sneak peek of their personal likes or dislikes, some of their history, and their hopes or plans for the future which is important for a relationship – just in case you end up starting one.

Many of the things you learn about them while listening might [eventually] be of great benefit later on, such as helping you make a good choice when you want to buy them a personal gift because you remembered them speaking about something they really liked on a date. This will make such a good and lasting impression. We all love to be heard.

5. Don’t play games

There are people who like to play games with the emotions of others, but you shouldn’t do that if you really want a relationship with someone. Simply put, playing games isn’t going to help you in any way and is actually likely to work against you. People who play games often like to wait a few days after a date to text or call, some also like to use psychological tricks to their selfish advantage in order to make the other person like them more.

The plain truth is, more often than not these games don’t work and are significantly more likely to fail and disappoint you. There is no one who enjoys their emotions being toyed with, because it is usually mentally exhausting for both parties. Instead, be honest and straightforward, learn to trust your intuition which is often quite accurate on how to judge a situation, and just be genuine and fair to your date partner, it’ll make it much more easier to actually enjoy the date.

6. Don’t exaggerate

In an attempt to impress their date partner, a lot of guys talk and end up exaggerating about their lives or past experiences. Don’t do that because there’s nothing absolutely to gain from it. Let your yes be yes and your no, no! Exaggerating exposes you eventually if you get into a relationship. It is one of the important things to know before a first date.

Tell the truth- things to know before a first date

So, keep your words simple, true and honest. If there’s anything you want to discuss with your date partner but you find it difficult to recall the actual details, tell them you can’t  remember and it’s not your intention to lie or provide false information. And you know what? They are going to respect and admire you more for that!

7. Be incredibly positive but also realistic

Who doesn’t like a person who gives off positive vibes during a discussion? It lifts your spirits, encourages you and makes you feel as you could have the moon for dinner. So, be positive with your partner. Avoid using abusive or vulgar language in your conversation and encourage them where you feel they need to be encouraged. This will help them confide in you and it is one of the vital things to know before a first date.

However, be realistic with them. Let them know what you believe to be possible and what’s not. Whenever necessary let them know what you can do and what you cannot do. Admit to faults and flaws, none of us are perfect, and emphasise that you are always working on self-development. (if that’s true!)

man and woman walking on the beach


I’m glad you were able to read these 7 important things to prepare you for a first date. Application is the key . I bet  if you would apply all these tips, you would have a memorable date and who knows – It could lead to a beautiful relationship. So go for it! Also remember to share this post with your friends and loved ones.

Do you have any questions, comments, or contributions? Which of the seven points speak to you? Do you see yourself starting a new relationship after your first date with a [promising] partner?

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