11 Keys of How to Make a Relationship Last Forever

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If it’s one thing that binge-watching romantic series on Netflix has taught us is that relationships are complicated and messy. Most of us can also relate to personal experiences that prove that fact. Whether it’s the sixth-grade romance that went wrong or your most recent break-up, we can all agree that love isn’t easy. You often wonder what would be the simpler keys to make your relationship last forever.

Do you want to know the steps to make your relationship last forever? With some extra effort on your part, you can make yours a successful relationship. To maintain your relationship, you must buy out the time to spend with your partner, do interesting things together and be honest with your partner. Putting in that extra effort is not easy, but the results always payout in the long run.

In this article, I will share with you 11 Keys of How to Make a Relationship Last Forever. Read on and see which steps you need to take to save your relationship.

1. Make Time for your Partner

No better gift could you give to your partner than your time. Love for your partner should move you to make him or her your priority. When you make your mate a priority, you will try your best to take some time every day for them. Spending such valuable time with your partner every day will help to reduce problems in your relationship, such that it lasts forever.

Every single day, spend a few minutes with your partner. Share your day’s experiences with them. Let your partner learn more and more about your life. If either, or both of you have very busy schedules, try to manage at least 10 minutes each day to talk with your partner.

Also, when you make time for your partner, avoid distractions such as games or phone calls. Paiva, a relationship expert, says, “Cellphones can be a direct insult and sign of being emotionally checked out or passive-aggressive.” Therefore, ensure that the quality time you make for your mate is to spend wisely and not on social media and other unnecessary activities.

2. Let Trust and Honesty Define your Relationship

If you intend to make your relationship last forever, then you must make trust and honesty a significant part of your life. Trust is the foundation of all successful relationships. In other words, if your relationship lacks conviction, then it is doomed to fail. On the other hand, when you trust that your partner is reliable and dependable, then they become the ‘rock’ of your life.

Take for example the world’s oldest couple: Waldarima Quinteros and Julio Mora. When she was asked whether she had any advice for couples who are seeking to make their relationship last for as long as possible, Mrs Quinteros said, “I advise to speak…the truth. Do not lie, because lies can lose the world.” By letting trust and honesty define their relationship, Mr and Mrs Quinteros have enjoyed a happy and fulfilling marriage that has lasted for over 79 years.

However, cultivating trust in a relationship does not mean that you expect your partner to trust you blindly. On the contrary, you should try your best to earn their trust. For example, how trustworthy are you? Do you try your best to keep all the promises that you make to your partner? When you work towards being a dependable and honest partner, your relationship will have better chances of lasting forever.

3. Show Love and Affection to your Partner

If you and your partner have been together for a couple of years, you most likely are at the point where you don’t feel inclined to do some of the things that you used to do earlier on in your relationship. One of the ‘routine’ things that most couples stop doing is telling each other ‘I love you.’ However, these three simple words can have a great impact on your marriage life.

Rivera Walter, a PhD holder and licensed marriage and family therapist, comments that “When spouses say ‘I love you’, they are saying that they value both their spouse and their marriage.” Yes, your spouse wants to hear you say out loudly those three magical words.

So, don’t just assume that your partner knows that you love them. Regularly telling your spouse that you love them can make a huge difference in your relationship, and is one of the steps to make your relationship last forever.

4. Adapt to your partner as they are

Do you want to be happy and successful with your partner? Well, the solution is simple: accept your partner as he or she is. You and your partner are like vehicles travelling alongside each other on a highway. Not only do these vehicles travel at different speeds, but their conditions also differ.

In the same way, you and your spouse are two different people. While you may be perfect in a particular field or activity, your partner may be lacking in the same field/activity. If you want to make your relationship last forever, you will then accept your partner as they are, rather than try to change them.

Adapting to your partner means that you not only accept their good side but also their mood swings, craziness and other bad habits. You should let nothing come between the two of you. When you adapt to your partner as they are, they will feel comfortable and secure with you. The thought of leaving will never cross your minds, and you will enjoy a fulfilling relationship that lasts forever.

5. Communicate with Each Other

If your relationship is to last forever, then you must learn how to communicate. You should never expect that your partner will understand you without speaking out. Most marriages have broken up simply because the couple lacked any meaningful communication between them.

You would not want your marriage to go into the list of broken marriages, right? Then, make an effort to communicate with your partner. Before making any big decisions, consult them. Regular and meaningful communication in a marriage is very important as it will help you understand your partner’s desires and feelings even better.

Still, this doesn’t mean than you carelessly speak up each time you have something to say or complain about. Elle Swan, a life coach and international speaker, advises that “Never respond when you are angry – leave the room or the house if you need to cool off.” Therefore, always choose the best time to communicate; when each of you is in their best moods. Because effective and timely communication is one of the main keys to make your relationship last forever.

6. Make Appreciation a Habit

Todd Reed, a famous author and communication coach, reports that “Recent studies…reveal that gratitude benefits both the giver and the receiver.” Simple appreciation, like ‘well done’ or ‘thank you’ can go a long way in building a healthier relationship.

Yet, this is the most common thing that most of us forget to say. Most couples don’t even find it necessary to appreciate their partners. However, you need to avoid the tendency of believing that your partner must do things for you. Cultivate the habit of genuinely appreciating your mate.

For example, tell your partner ‘thank you’ for doing their household chores earlier. When your partner does the dishes, say, when it was your turn, appreciate them. Making it your habit to say ‘thank you’ will make your spouse feel that his or her efforts are valued. Your partner will then be moved to put in even more effort to ensure that the relationship works.

7. Give your Partner some Space

Spending quality time with your spouse can indeed do a lot to improve your relationship and make it last forever. However, this does not mean that you have to do and share every little thing with your partner. This is the biggest mistake that most couples make, as they fall into the trap of what is referred to as ‘constant togetherness.’

In healthy relationships, couples give each other some space. Of course, you should regularly buy time to spend with your partner. But, remember that you and your partner are separate individuals. Therefore, each of you requires some space to live and enjoy your lives. When you give your mate some space, he or she will trust and respect you even more. And, as discussed above, trust is the foundation of a long-lasting relationship.

8. Pamper Yourself

Relationships require much time and effort. You need to make time for your spouse, care for family responsibilities and do much more to make the relationship work. However, just because relationships require a lot from us does not mean that we forget to take care of ourselves. It is very important that you also take some time to pamper yourself.

For instance, wake up earlier than usual. Go out jogging and do some other exercises. Take some time off to go out with friends or do something that you like. Couples in healthy relationships don’t always depend on their partners for everything. So, be confident and do everything that you can for yourself.

The more the effort you put in making yourself a better person, the more your partner will love you. Your partner will always find a new you every day, and he or she will never lose interest in the relationship.

9. Grow Together

A relationship is not a game; there are no scores or wins. What does this mean? Well, since you and your spouse became ‘one’ when you entered into the relationship, you both have to grow together. You cannot take a step forward or backwards, and leave your partner behind or ahead. Therefore, learn to keep the balance in your relationship. How can you do that?

One, never let your partner feel like a loser. Always commend them for their progress; such commendation will keep your partner motivated. Even when your partner makes mistakes, focus on their good rather than the bad.

Also, do the things that your partner loves and always support their decisions. When both of you grow together, you will have a lot of things in common and your relationship will grow stronger and happier.

10. Learn to Compromise

While you were still single, you made decisions for yourself. However, once you commit yourself to a relationship, you have to consider the wants, desires, and needs of your partner. It is no longer just about you, but about both of you. So, if your relationship is to last forever, then you have to be willing to compromise. And it is one of the important keys to make your relationship last forever.

Leon F. Seltzer, a PhD holder in marriage counselling, says, “Unless we become skilled in the fine art of compromise, our relationship can quickly degrade into feelings of dissatisfaction and discord.” The main concern in your relationship should not be a matter of who is right or who is wrong. Make decisions that make both of you happy. When you learn to compromise in your relationship, the love between you two will not only grow deeper but also last forever.

11. Try New Things with your Partner

In a relationship, it is very easy to fall into a routine. And, when everything becomes a routine, the relationship becomes boring and stuck in a rut. Boring relationships don’t last long. This is why it is very important to try to keep your relationship interesting. One way in which you can do this is by regularly trying out new things with your partner.

For example, take weekly dance lessons with your partner. Alternatively, go to the gym together. Develop new hobbies that are out of your comfort zone, such as doing a race with each other. Also, plan trips to places that neither of you has ever visited. Trying out these new things with your partner will help to keep your relationship fun and lively, ensuring that it lasts forever.


If you are in a relationship, do you want to keep it going for a long time? Follow the above suggested 11 Keys of How to Make a Relationship Last Forever. Make time for your partner and communicate with them, but also give them their own space. Always trust your partner, accept them for who they are, and appreciate their good qualities. Also, while you shower your partner with love and try out new things with them, don’t forget to pamper and take care of yourself. Follow these keys to make your relationship last forever. When you follow these 11 simple steps, you and your partner will grow together in a marriage that lasts forever!

What do you think, which of the 11 keys discussed above is most important when it comes to maintaining a relationship? How has that key worked out for your relationship? Let me know in your comments below.

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